In the intricate world of surgical procedures, precision is paramount. One crucial aspect often overlooked is the synergy between the blade and handle. Cincinnati Surgical understands the importance of this and created a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the choices.

Handle #3 Fitment: Blades Size 6-16

For blades ranging from size 6 to 16, the go-to handles are sizes 3 and 5. These handles are designed to seamlessly accommodate the specified blade sizes.  This  ensures a snug fit and optimal control during surgical procedures. Whether it’s a delicate incision or a precise cut, the  #3 Fitment handle is speced to meet the demands of various surgical applications.

Handle #4 Fitment: Blades Size 20-27

When using a slightly larger blade in the range,  size 20 to 27, the ideal handles to use are sizes 4 and 6. Cincinnati Surgical’s #4 fitment handle ensures a secure and stable connection.  This provides surgeons with confidence to execute precise maneuvers. This combination is tailored to meet the requirements of larger procedures without compromising on accuracy.

Post Mortem Fitment: Blades Size 60 & 70, Handles Size 8

For  post-mortem  and pathology procedures requiring blades size 60 and 70, Cincinnati Surgical offers handles size 8. Understanding the unique nature of post-mortem work, this combination is designed to deliver the necessary strength and control. The #8 fitment handle is engineered to facilitate the demands of post-mortem examinations, ensuring that every cut is carried out with precision and efficiency. 

While the 60 and 70 blades may sometimes fit onto a size 4 handle, that is NOT the handle that should be used with those blades.  The fit will be too loose and will result in subperformance of the blade.    

Why the Right Combination Matters

Precision and Control: The right blade and handle combination ensures optimal precision and control during surgical procedures, minimizing the risk of errors.

Comfort and Ergonomics: A well-matched combination enhances the surgeon’s comfort and ergonomics, reducing fatigue during prolonged procedures.

Efficiency and Effectiveness: The synergy between the blade and handle directly influences the efficiency and effectiveness of surgical tasks, contributing to successful outcomes.

Cincinnati Surgical’s Commitment to Excellence

Choosing the right blade and handle combination is a critical to ensuring the correct perfomance of the blade. Cincinnati Surgical’s comprehensive fitment guide simplifies this process, helping surgeons make informed decisions that align with the unique requirements of each procedure. Trust Cincinnati Surgical to be your partner in precision and excellence in every surgical procedure. For our full line of Surgical Handles, visit or contact Cincinnati Surgical at: 1-800-544-3100 or