Surgical Products

At Cincinnati Surgical surgical products are our specialty.  We understand the common perception is that all surgical blades are created equal.  When in fact there are many slight differences in the production of a blade that have an effect on the blade performance.  Wouldn’t you like to know your blade is going to stay sharp longer and provide a consistent tactile feel?  By using the Cincinnati Surgical, Swann Morton and Lance portfolio of blades or scalpels you can be assured that from start to finish we stand behind our quality.

We can offer you…

  • Zero defect products that are in stock and ship the same day the order is processed.
  • A blade made with a unique grinding technique that provides a longer lasting edge.
  • A quality product that doesn’t need a coating or reinforced edge to make it perform as it should.
  • Three brand choices to offer options that meet every budget with a reliable, high quality product.
  • complete manufacturing process that has you covered from start to finish, resulting in the global leading products.
  • Handles, needles and safety products manufactured to the same high quality as our surgical blades.

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