Cincinnati Surgical Blades Divisions

For over 80 years, Cincinnati Surgical has been an industry leader in providing cutting-edge surgical products such as specialty surgical blades, handles, scalpels, suture needles, and post mortem staplers. We also offer precision cutting industrial blades, utility knives, as well as arts & crafts blades, knives, or handles which meet the demands of many light industrial applications and DIY enthusiasts. An exceptional commitment to quality products and customer service is what sets Cincinnati Surgical apart from the competition.

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Surgical Blade
With an unmatched reputation for quality and customer service, Cincinnati Surgical continues to build upon its legacy as an industry leader. With stainless and carbon products manufactured from high-grade British surgical steel, Cincinnati Surgical blades have stood the test of time as being the sharpest, most precise and durable blades available to today’s healthcare professionals.

Cincinnati Surgical also features Swann Morton and Lance surgical products in addition to our namesake brand of products.

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Industrial Cutting Knife
The Jewel Blade product line is the perfect fit for professionals in the flooring, roofing, manufacturing and general contracting industries – or for the at-home do-it-yourselfer. Available in Gold and Silver, manufactured to the highest of industry standards. CS Industrial products use use high-quality, premium 1.25% carbon steel, which enhances the longevity and performance of each blade.

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Arts & Crafts

Arts and Craft Knife
The precision blades, handles, knives and kits found in the CS Arts & Crafts product line are among the highest quality available. Blades are manufactured of high grade British steel, resulting in exceptional durability and sharpness. As a division of the Cincinnati Surgical Company, CS Arts & Crafts products are manufactured with the same surgical quality precision expected by today’s healthcare standards. You can trust the CS Arts & Crafts brand will save you from overcompensating for and constantly changing out dull blades.

Featuring Swann Morton brand arts and crafts blades.