After starting out as a surgical blade resharpening business in Covington, Kentucky, the company as we know it today was founded as Christy Surgical.

  • The foundation of Cincinnati Surgical was born in a garage in Covington, Kentucky, where William and Joseph Macke started resharpening blades for clinics and hospitals.
  • The Macke brothers moved into the manufacturing of surgical blades by working with the Christy Company in Fremont, Ohio – leading to the creation of Christy Surgical.


The staff at Christy Surgical grew the company into a nationally recognized provider of premium surgical blades and scalpels.


Christy Surgical began manufacturing single use, disposable sterile surgical blades.

  • This new process had a major impact during World War II, and Christy Surgical became a major supplier to the US military.


An ownership change occurred and Christy Surgical was renamed Cincinnati Surgical, keeping with the CS brand.


Cincinnati Surgical, formerly Christy Surgical Co., moved its manufacturing from Freemont, Ohio to Sheffield, England, the source of high quality, British steel.


Cincinnati Surgical’s product offering grew to include safety, arts & crafts, and industrial products.

  • After only being in a part of the surgical market; the company adopted a national distribution business model and expanded into the veterinary, dental, funeral and scientific markets.


After 50 years another change in ownership occurred, however the company remains a privately held corporation in Cincinnati, Ohio. This change laid the foundation for the partnerships that have been established today.


Cincinnati Surgical entered into a joint manufacturing agreement with Swann Morton, the world leader in surgical blade manufacturing. This strategic alignment has brought more than 150 years of Surgical Blade Manufacturing expertise together under one roof at Penn Works. With the production of more than 1.5 million blades per day, Cincinnati Surgical is able to offer its customers significant global economies of scale.

The vision and passion of our founders for providing high quality surgical products continues today. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals continue to focus on the needs of our customers by manufacturing high quality products, providing superior customer service, and offering competitive industry pricing.

Surgical Blades Manufacturer for over 80 years


Since 1938, Cincinnati Surgical has been recognized as an industry leader in manufacturing high-quality surgical blades, scalpels, safety products, and operating room accessories. Our manufacturing heritage in the United States (1938-1961) and Sheffield, England (1962-Present) has now come under one roof in Sheffield through a historic joint manufacturing agreement with Swann-Morton. By combining our manufacturing capabilities we are able to offer our customers the following:

• Expansive range of products with continued focus on design, innovation and safety

• In-House design and build of our own specialized machinery

• ISO 13485 Certification & In-House Sterilization

• ISO 14001 Environmental Manufacturing Standards Certification

• ISO 50001 Energy Management

• Increased capacity, production capabilities, and visual quality product inspection

• Superior customer service with same day shipping

 To purchase Cincinnati Surgical or Swann Morton surgical blades contact your preferred distributor or visit our product sites. 

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