Surgical blade safety is a key focus in hospitals and surgical centers. When you are are looking for a safer solution to load and remove a blade from a reusable handle, look no further than our KLEEN Blade Management System. With the increase of outpatient procedures taking place in doctor’s office the KLEEN BMS also offers an added layer of sharps safety to a new environment.

No special handle is needed for this cartridge. It fits on most handles already being used within your facility so there is no additional expense. The KLEEN BMS is available in blade sizes 10 – 24.

The blade is covered by a clear plastic sheath allowing for full view of the blade while keeping it covered when attaching or disposing the blade. The cover is designed to be retracted using one hand. The audible clicks help you know when the sheath is properly retracted. Since it is placed on the reusable handle the surgeon is already familiar with, there is no difference to the weight or feel of the blade during use. See for yourself what it looks like in action.

Compliance with OSHA and federal safety legislation is top priority within your facility. The Swann Morton KLEEN BMS ensures your surgical blade safety protocols are being met. Contact Cincinnati Surgical today at 800-544-3100 or for samples. Or order now through your preferred distributor.