Who knew surgical blade technology could make such good craft blades?  Oh that would be us!

The Swann-Morton Arts and Craft blades carried under our CS Arts and Crafts division are made with the same superior quality as our surgical blades.  Whether you are bringing your memories to life in your latest scrapbooking project or building a scale model of a World War II fighter plane on the kitchen table the Swann-Morton craft knives and scalpels should never be far away.

For cutting fine veneers in Marquetry, creating a themed birthday cake in Sugar craft, a silhouette, inlaid or lace-like layered narratives in paper cutting – we have the tool for every delicate cut that makes the end result all that more special.

We have non-sterile surgical blades, ACM blades and disposable scalpels perfect for light, medium or heavy duty applications.

ACM Blades

Here’s a look at some of the most common uses for the ACM craft blades.

ACM No.10 Blade General cutting and light carvingpaper cutting

ACM No.11 BladeLight-weight materials, trimming and high precision cutting

ACM No.16 Blade – Stenciling, scoring and etching blades

ACM No.17 Blade – Chiseling blade for light-weight materials

ACM No.2 Blade – High precision cutting of medium and heavy duty materials

ACM No.18 Blade – Deep cross cutting and smooth chiseling bladesugar craft

ACM No.22 Blade – Carving blade for medium and heavy duty materials

ACM No.24 Blade – Corner cuts, deburring, stripping and gasket cutting

ACM No.28 Blade – Contour and shaping blade


Surgical Blades

As for our surgical blades they are most commonly used for the following.

Size 10A Blades – Graphic design, precise trimming of light-weight materials such as polystyrene, resins and balsa wood, model build projects and jewelry industry

Size 11 Blades – Precise trimming of light-weight materials such as polystyrene, resins and balsa wood, model build projects and rubber mold castings for the jewelry industry

Size 15 Blades – Used within the electronics industry for trimming printed circuit boards, removing excess solder and cutting plastic wires


Take a closer look at the arts and crafts blades available to you at csartsandcraftsproducts.com.

We are also looking to feature some of our artists on our website.  If you would be interested in sharing your work through our site please email kelly@cincinnatisurgical.com.