Cincinnati Surgical products have an unmatched reputation for being the sharpest, most precise and durable blades available to today’s surgical and healthcare professionals.

Perfect for professionals in the flooring, roofing, manufacturing and general contracting industries – or for the at-home do-it-yourselfer.

Save yourself from overcompensating for dull blades and try Cincinnati Surgical products designed for art professionals.



Surgical blade grinding makes a difference in the cut

Have you ever truly wondered why there are so many surgical blade options available?  How do you know which one is right for you? Each surgical blade is unique.  There are the obvious shape differences because blades are manufactured specifically for certain surgical...

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Surgical Handle – Making the Right Choice

Fit matters when it comes to using a surgical handle and blade! An incorrect fit will leave blade loose resulting in poor results.  Or it mat be too tight which could lead to a blade breaking.  For correct fit there should be no gap between the back end of the blade...

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Fit Matters!

Cincinnati Surgical blades and handles are manufactured to industry standards with ISO certifications, which means the blade will correctly fit the handle every time. There should be no gap between the angled edge of the blade and the corresponding edge of the handle....

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Surgical Professional

“As a seasoned Esthetician, I have offered advanced Dermaplaning for many years. Swann-Morton provides the very best quality blades for precision Dermaplaning.”

Robin Townsend, AE

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