Cincinnati Surgical products have an unmatched reputation for being the sharpest, most precise and durable blades available to today’s surgical and healthcare professionals.
Perfect for professionals in the flooring, roofing, manufacturing and general contracting industries – or for the at-home do-it-yourselfer.
Save yourself from overcompensating for dull blades and try Cincinnati Surgical products designed for art professionals.


Providing Safety Solutions with Blade Removers

In the age of COVID-19, a greater focus has been put on safety. For many of us that means disinfecting surfaces, washing hands and wearing masks. But for many that also involves better safety protocols in their working environment. That's where blade removers enter...

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Dermaplaning Blade Options

With the reopening of salons across the country, there is an increasing demand for a quality dermaplaning blade and we have the products to help you fill that need. Dermaplaning is a non-invasive procedure that gently exfoliates the epidermis to leave it looking...

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Raising the Surgical Blade Standard

Our heritage hasn't changed but our tag line has. Cincinnati Surgical has provided surgical blade manufacturing excellence since 1938. Our blades have always been produced with the highest quality raw material and unmatched manufacturing processes. We've always raised...

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Surgical Professional

“As a seasoned Esthetician, I have offered advanced Dermaplaning for many years. Swann-Morton provides the very best quality blades for precision Dermaplaning.”

Robin Townsend, AE

Faces by Robin Advanced Skin Care

”We have tried various brands and not all of them offer the great price and consistency we have received from Swann Morton.”

 Ashley Hanlon – Herbal Skin Solutions – The Esthetics Academy – Educator/Facial Specialist

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