In the age of COVID-19, a greater focus has been put on safety. For many of us that means disinfecting surfaces, washing hands and wearing masks. But for many that also involves better safety protocols in their working environment. That’s where blade removers enter the picture.

Too many people still remove a blade from a handle using either their bare hands or a hemostat. Many times its’s because they are not aware of the blade removers available to them.

At Cincinnati Surgical we carry several options with different attributes so you can choose the option that is right for you.

Studies have shown the use of proper blade removers reduce the instances of sharps injuries. This article from Healthcare Purchasing News shows the focus on utilizing safety products to reduce injuries and infections.

In addition to blade removers, Cincinnati Surgical also offers a line of retractable safety scalpels and a safety cassette blade called the KLEEN Blade Management System.