A healthy supply chain is imperative to the success of our healthcare system.  As a manufacturer of surgical blades, Cincinnati Surgical is excited to support the #IAmTheHealthcareSupplyChain movement. 

The healthcare supply chain permeates all aspects of care delivery. From the clinicians on the front lines, to manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, GPOs, and RPCs—everyone plays a part in its success. Outcomes, operational performance, and the overall health of your patient population begins with a healthy supply chain.  We’re all I this together. 

At Cincinnati Surgical there a few things you can count on.

  • Our Cincinnati Surgical and Swann Morton products are manufactured in a world class facility in Sheffield, England.
  • We start with the highest quality raw material – British sourced steel.
  • We have complete control of the manufacturing process because not only do we make the blades, we design and build the machinery they are made on. 
  • All of our sterile blades go through in-house Cobalt 60 Irradiation Sterilization.
  • Our facility is FDA registered and compliant.
  • Our blades are manufactured with an open edge grinding technique – this means one side of the edge has a razor blade finish while the other side contains micro serrations.  This allows the blade to hold a cutting edge longer and provide better tactile feel for making a controlled incision.
  • Our blades are also visually inspected twice to ensure there are no defects. 

Our products play a key role in the surgical, dental, veterinary, post mortem and research fields and customers deserve a product that can be trusted. That’s why we’ve got you covered on every aspect of the surgical blade manufacturing process. 

Cincinnati Surgical is proud to have joined the #IAmTheHealthcareSupplyChain movement as a founding partner.   Please know that we remain committed to supplying you with product. We have a fully stocked warehouse and continue manufacturing to ensure healthcare professionals have access to the surgical blades and scalpels they need during this time.