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Skin Graft Blades & Handles

These blades and handles are manufactured in England to the highest medical standards. The #9940 blades fit all handles shown. These stainless steel blades are packaged sterile 10 per box. The #2201 stainless steel blades are for use on a #3 surgical handle. Packaged sterile, 20 per box.

Product: SM2201
$32.00:   QTY

Skin Graft Blade
For use on a #3 surgical handle; 20/box
Product: SM2203
$27.20:   QTY

Swann Morton Skin Graft Blade
sterile, stainlessl; box of 20

Braithwaite Skin Graft Handle

: $565.00
: $590.00


Braithwaite Skin Graft Handle
Product: SM9902
$565.00:   QTY

Cobbett Skin Graft Handle

Product: SM9903
$565.00:   QTY

Watson Skin Graft Handle

Product: SM9904
$590.00:   QTY

Skin Graft Set - handle w/2boxes 9940 sterile SS blades
Braithwaite Skin Graft Set, Stainless steel handle w/ 2 boxes of 9940 sterile SS blades
Product: SM9911
$552.00:   QTY

Silvers Skin Graft Handle

Product: SM9940
$64.00:   QTY

Skin Graft Blade, 10/box
Product: SM9942
$30.00:   QTY

Skin Graft Blade
Sterile stainless steel; For use on a Silvers skin graft handle; 10/box
Product: SMSGD
$16.95:   QTY

Swann Morton Disposable SGD Scalpel
sterile, Double Edge Minor Skin Graft Scalpel; box of 10