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Safety Blade Removers

Cincinnati Surgical carries a variety of blade removers with your safety in mind. From the classic C/S blade remover that, along with its contents,can be safely autoclaved and disposed in a proper manner; to the OSHA compliant, wall-mountable unit that holds 100 blades and quickly removes them from handles; and the single-use remover that totally encapsulates the blade for proper disposal.

Product: 48
$22.40:   QTY

C/S blade remover
10 per box
Product: 48QS
$35.00:   QTY

Qlicksmart Blade Remover
3 3/4"w, 6"tall
Product: 48QSB
$9.00:   QTY

Qlicksmart bracket
wall mounting bracket
Product: 48SM
$23.40:   QTY

Single-use blade remover